For retailers, visual merchandising is especially important. Attractive window and interior displays and eye-catching exterior signs can lure shoppers and reinforce the unique theme or character of your store. You can do everything right in generating the kind of favorable publicity you seek. A newscast can run your segment at a time when fewer viewers are watching, or a newspaper can mention your company in a short article buried in a back section that’s often discarded. Portal sites, such as America Online, Yahoo and Lycos, tend to attract the widest net of Web users. If you’re building a sports-memorabilia business, you may want to pay for a listing under the „Sports” category of a major portal.

Across all of these bad marketing campaigns, the moral of the story is to always put a lot of thought into your marketing. Be intentional about your message, your offer, and the words and images you use to communicate. Nike certainly isn’t alone in having its brand or marketing campaign spoiled by celebrity endorsements. Companies take risks when they endorse individuals or groups. Those people often become face’s for the company and their mistakes can easily reflect back on the business. Like Sony’s marketing misstep, this one is another reminder that ads can be misinterpreted.

Chris Walker and Gaetano DiNardi dive into content strategy on this week’s episode of Demand Gen Live. Times are tough and you’re being asked to make some cuts to your marketing budget in an effort to weather the storm. So what goes, what stays, and how can you best reallocate your budget?

Headquarters will work with field-based partners, embassies, and missions to share information and learning across global fragility efforts. The United States will partner with local media in fragile environments using media development and strategic communications tools. The United States will advance partner capacities to refute disinformation and mitigate incitement to violence and malign propaganda through digital and conventional media.

Industry events are a gathering of professionals and their audience so that it is a great PR opportunity for you to meet people and start business relationships with them. Read more about here. Public speaking is one of the most powerful ways of sharing your message and building your credibility with the audience. With strong communication skills, you can influence and create relationships with them. What’s more, public speaking helps you to grow your business and career.