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Instagram can help you network with other like-minded businesses or companies that offer complementary services to travelers. Think of restaurants, day-trip operators, and lavish spas where your guests can spend their time while staying at your property. Growing a complementary service provider network can help you offer your guests better recommendations and a more enjoyable experience.

In the process, Meta again expanded its offerings and eliminated a potential rival. Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking platform that was launched in 2010. Through the Instagram app, users can upload, edit, and tag photos and videos.

Read more about https://estateagentnetworking.co.uk/how-to-sell-property-on-instagram/ here. According to a recent study by the National Association of Realtors, 80% of realtors are now using Facebook to nurture leads and connect with their community. You might forget to follow up with these crucial leads, but your CRM won’t. Make time every quarter to reach out to past clients you’ve had successful deals with. We now know that finalizing a sale with a client doesn’t mean your relationship ends there. In fact, with more than 90% of clients willing to use the same realtor for future deals, your past clients can become your agency’s bread and butter. If you prefer to connect with leads over the phone, you can set up your CRM so it sends you a notification, meaning you won’t forget to give them a call.

Facebook users show a similar average, about 58 minutes per day. This is millions of people connecting every single day and you can be sure a percentage of them are considering buying or selling a house. Most social media sites that run ads offer location-based advertising, and it’s pretty easy to specify exactly where you’d like these ads to be displayed. You’ll need to experiment with just how wide or narrow your geo-targeted ads should be. Facebook allows you to target ads as specific as a small radius around a location. You can create an audience of people in an area that you want to work in and advertise only to them.

A makeup company could put up a slideshow of their products, and a real estate company could post a short virtual property tour. Because Facebook has a wealth of data on its users, it allows businesses to curate and target their marketing campaigns. But you can drill down a lot deeper, too, and choose an audience by city, interests, and whether or not they’ve engaged with your content in the past. Put simply, they’re advertisements on Instagram’s social media platform, which Facebook owns now. You can choose to use either photos or video for your campaign, and you can run them in the regular scrolling feed or Stories feature. With over 1 billion users every month, Instagram is experiencing an all-time high in engagement and use.